The knowledge of the One God who is our Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer,
of  the Lord Jesus Christ who is the light of our life.
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Explanation of the design on the cover:

The Lord God (Yahweh), our everlasting and everloving Father, is infinite in His Being (Essence), and is above human comprehension. Nevertheless, He was pleased to take upon Himself human form, i.e. He became finite in Jesus Christ to redeem mankind and become our Saviour, and thus usher in peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

Representative symbols of the design:

Top to bottom The finiting of the infinite Essence of God is represented by the focussing of a parallel beam of vertical sunlight, which then diverges to portray the source which gave rise to it.

Left to right The disclosures of the eternal purposes of God for mankind, embodied in the prophetic utterances of the Scriptures, are represented by the focussing of a parallel beam of horizontal light, which then sheds its light (message of peace and goodwill) world-wide, as from a lighted torch.

Central figure The interlacing of the above representations revealing the Lord God as the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, encompassed by a circle a representative figure which has an infinite number of sides and yet could symbolize nothing  signify the Incarnate God who was set at naught. However, the crown of thorns  half-concealed and the associated rays of light radiating from it represent a burst of sunshine, portraying the cross, resurrection and glorification of the Babe nestling in the crib, who proved to be the Word made flesh the Logos (or Pattern) of all being.

Cover Picture