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Theistic Physics

Theistic Physics describes how the natural world reacts in the presence of God (which is always), and how these reactions are modified when the Divine Influx is moderated by intervening spiritual and mental choices (which are people).

Part of the groundwork for theistic physics is presented in Physics Approach:

Talk on the relation between quantum physics and spirituality gives a overview of how the above ideas are related to the spirituality that is the main subject of this website.

Some of these topics continue the discussion of Generative Physics on the web site The aim is to show how a deeper understanding of quantum physics can lead to connections with the Discrete Degrees of Theistic Science, in particular the discrete degrees predicted to constitute the natural world.

Theistic science shows how loves, thoughts and nature are linked together, in an image of the Divine Source. The most controversial link here is that of mind and nature, but now we can begin to elucidate this connection, by means of correspondence of functions at different levels. This may occur perhaps by means of the Limbus, or according to other speculations.

A connection between mind and nature is most prominently manifested in the human form. In our biology section, a short discussion by Bruce Jarvis shows the consequence of these ideas for some aspects of the human functional form. 

The correspondences of function need not be precisely identical, as distorted images may still be partially effective. Similarly, the correspondences may occasionally function in ways we do not expect, giving rise to parapsychological phenomena which are not as important for theistic science as some may think, but which may be investigated more later.


Theistic Physics