The knowledge of the One God who is our Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer,
of  the Lord Jesus Christ who is the light of our life.
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Theistic Psychology

by Leon James, Department of Psychology, University of Hawaii

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The Writings of Swedenborg

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Moses, Paul, and Swedenborg
Three Steps in Rational Spirituality

A Man of the Field
Forming The New Church Mind In Today’s World

1: Reformation: The Struggle Against Nonduality  
2: Enlightenment: The Spiritual Sense of the Writings  
3: Regeneration: Spiritual Disciplines For Daily Life  

Theistic Psychology
The Science of Immortality, based on the Writings of Swedenborg

 1      Introduction to Theistic Psychology

 2      Q&A on Theistic Psychology

 3      Levels of Thinking About Theistic Psychology

 4      Derivation and Function of Scientific Revelations

 5      Research Methods in Theistic Psychology

 6      Personality Theory

 7      Character Reformation

 8      Learning and Cognition

 9      Spiritual Development

 10    Health Behaviors

 11    The Marriage Relationship

 12    The Heavenly and Hellish Traits

 13    Religious Behaviorism

 14    Prayer as Revelation from God

 15    Rational Faith and Charity

 16.   Religious Mysticism

 17    Religious Movements

 18    Topical Index to All Sections and Reading List